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I don’t really have a job title as such but “Pearl Restringer” seems to fit well enough.

I am self-employed and have been doing what I do for a living for about three years now. Before then playing with beads was just a hobby – now I get paid for doing what I love! I also work in a jewellers so I am surrounded by beautiful things all day  – I am one very lucky girl!

I learnt the art of restringing professionally at the Holts Academy in London but the practice of restringing I am still learning today. Every job is a lesson and the day I stop overcoming problems is the day I will put my silk down and quit.

I work from home and sit at my work table probably 3 nights a week and can easily lose 2-3 hours in one sitting either with commission jobs, my own designs or just playing at something new. I mainly work for the trade – supplying a repair service for their customer’s jewellery but I also take on jobs directly from customers.

I love what I do and one day would like to do this full time or perhaps teach others the trade. Until then, I will sit happily at my work table whenever I can and knot away the hours…

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