January Plans

Today, I thought, might be a good day to refine my resolutions for next year.

Res-o-lu-tion. Noun. A firm decision to do something.

I’m not very good at these. I fall into the typical. “Get fit, loose weight, earn more” non imaginative bracket and then forget after January 3rd.

So instead I am taking bite sized pieces of the year and challenging myself month by month.


1: blog! Obviously!

2: do a dry January. Ok. This won’t be too hard because I don’t really drink much but my fiancée is doing it so I am happy practicing being the supportive wifey!

3: try the TeaPigs matcha challenge. I got some for Christmas from my sister (I asked for it!) and I am going to drink it in various forms everyday for 2 weeks. I do love green tea at the moment and suffer from energy dips so hopefully this will help. I will keep you posted.

4: run. I don’t run. I can’t run. I feel like a baby hippo crossed with a sausage dog when I try but i know I should try. Loads of my friends run and love it so I am determined to give it a shot. With that in mind I have signed up to the Blacklight run in March with my future mother-in-law and sister-in-law. It’s only 5k and it will be dark and more like a party right? Anyway. I refuse to walk or be the last so I will train and love it! Fingers crossed!

5: 30 day squats challenge! I have the app “runtastic squats” which counts each squat as you do it and ups your reps every day – keeping track as you go. I aim to have done 2000 squats in total by the end of Jan! Why? Why not!

Wish me luck!

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