Sorting Box of Joy!

OK – I will admit it – I love reorganising my restringing room and love nothing more than a new/better/tidier/prettier way of arranging my bits and bobs.

Today, imagine my delight when I spotted this plastic godsend!


This clear plastic storage box was in my local Home Bargains shop and came in two sizes (medium 27x17x4cm and large 35x22x5cm). I bought both sizes and I am going to use them to store my clasps and findings in.

At the moment I store all my clasps in little plastic baggies. It works OK but I do have to rummage to find the right sizes. I am trying to keep more clasps in stock so these boxes will let me see at a glance what I have in stock and what I need to re-order.

If you don’t have a Home Bargains close to you then try Amazon and search for sorting box. They are only £2-3.00 each so well worth a try.



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