New Delivery!

I still get a little flutter of excitement when my little Jiffy bags or supplies land on the doormat! Aside from hobbycraft, (ok for emergencies but expensive and basic), there isn’t anywhere locally where I can buy my supplies so I have to order online from places in Birmingham or London. It isn’t a problem, delivery is pretty quick and I have much more choice (=hours of browsing and endless wish lists!).

Today’s wasn’t the most exciting parcel but I thought I would share it anyway.



I bought some new bead mats. These are great because they stop beads rolling around too much, especially because my workbench is glass. They get grubby pretty quickly but they are washable. This pack of two is from Beadalon and cost about £4.35.

A pack of beading needles (0.24mm). These are the really fine ones which I tend to use for everything. I can use each one for 2 or 3 jobs before I have to get a new one. This is a bag of 25 which cost me about £6.50 so I try to take care of them as best I can.

The last bits were white and yellow gimp (French wire). I use this to finish the majority of my pieces so get through it pretty quickly. Both are size C which is the size I use the most although I do keep a stock of the wider size for my chunkier projects. At nearly £18 for both, it is pretty pricy but it comes in 2m lengths so these packs will keep me going for a while.

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