Organising My Workload

Being a self employed restringer, it is essential that I offer a service that is reliable and prompt. My own customers and the jewellers that I work for need to know that when I quote a date for the jobs return- I mean it!

To ensure that I keep my promises, I need to know how much work I have in and when it is due – for this I have a nifty trick… my job wall!!


It is situated in the doorway to my craft room so I can see it at a glance. As a general rule I take local jobs in for 1 week so I have 7 clipboards each for a different due day. The clips on these boards are pretty strong and can easily hold a few jobs at once or I can use the little pocket at the bottom of each one for heavier items.

It is so simple but I couldn’t be without it!

As you can see I have a pretty busy week ahead of me… I’d better get started!

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