A New Clasp

You know that you are addicted to beads when the highlight of your day is seeing a new clasp! I have just come across a new style of clasp that I hadn’t come across before. EXCITING!!

For most people this is pretty boring stuff but I hope that there is some clasp connoisseurs out there that are a little like me and will appreciate this post!

Originally I thought it was just a normal ball clasp but when I looked closer I saw that it was slightly different. There is no little lever to open the clasp and you have to push and twist on one of the sides to open it.

The little piece that comes out is actually cemented into the pearl and the thread loops right through in a tidy little groove.

This is a great way of attaching a clasp because you eliminate the wear and friction that you usually get when the thread and gimp is loosely looped through the clasp.

It was really easy to reattach and knot and the finished result looked really neat.


The clasp is stamped STAHL PS which I believe is a German brand of jewellery. This may be a bespoke clasp that they have designed themselves but I am going to keep an eye out to see if I can source any. Let me know if you see anything out there!

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