January Plans Update

OK, we are two weeks into January and I thought that it was time for an update on how my January resolutions are going…

1: blog! – this has taken over my life! I can totally understand how people do this as a full time job! Everything time I am in my craft room I am thinking – ooh I should blog about this! Now I just need to magic the time from somewhere!

2: do a dry January. This has been easy for me because I don’t drink much anyway – my fiancée on the other hand had failed by about the 4th and conveniently only remembers after he has poured himself a drink – even after my mum upped the ante and offered us £100 each towards the wedding fund if we complete it! Ha! Hello awesome wedding shoes for me!

3: try the TeaPigs Matcha challenge. I have been drinking this pretty much everyday in the morning and heath wise haven’t really felt an improvement 🙁 although, I have had a stinking cold and chesty cough for the last week that I don’t think even super green tea can make me feel better. I am on the mend now and will keep on with the Matcha and see if when I am feeling my usual self it makes me feel better. I have found that if I drink it on an empty stomach it makes me feel really sick. After a bit of research I have found that this is because I am just mixing it with water and my stomach can struggle to absorb it. It is recommended that you have a bit of protein with it or mix it with milk – I will keep you updated.

4: run. Hmm, I have been to the gym a grand total of once this year! My first 5k is in 51 days. Must. Try. Harder. Although, I did buy myself some new trainers which are still sat in the box at the end of my bed so I am halfway there! These are so comfy! They are Nike Rosherun slip-on trainers and they were half price from ASOS!  Win!


5: 30 day squats challenge! My plan was to do 2000 squats in January and so far I am on 231! I have just worked out that I need to do at least 105 squats a day until the end of the month! I’m going to feel the burn over the next few weeks!

(Check out my January TeaPigs photo montage!)

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