My Latest Creation

I just made a bracelet. I was a bit bored and found some amazing goldstone beads that I had bought ages ago and forgotten all about.

If you haven’t come across goldstone before it is such a beautiful bead. It is a deep rusty orange colour with the most amazing glittery sparkly fragments in.

Despite popular belief, goldstone isn’t a natural mineral and is actually manmade which makes it really affordable. The legend says that it was an accidental discovery by Venetian monks during their quest for alchemy!

I also had this in the blue variety which was just as stunning but it turned out to be so popular that all the pieces I made from it were snapped up and I didn’t keep any. I will have to see if I can order some more.

This is just a simple elasticated bracelet with a silver charm carrier to hide the knot. I will have to find a charm to hang on it at some point.


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