I have just spilt a WHOLE mug of green tea on my laptop!! Big fail! Who knew how much liquid there is in a small little mug! It went everywhere, all over my lap, a tidal wave over the whole laptop and all over the floor!

My laptop just died instantly so I pulled the power and removed the battery, mopped up best I could and removed the keyboard. Now leaving it upside down for 48 hours! Fingers crossed that it still works 😁


UPDATE 17th Jan
My external hard-drive has also failed! It didn’t even get wet but it has stopped working too! It holds all my work from the past 3 years which I desperately need! It still lights up and you can hear it working which I hope is a good sign. Fingers crossed the techs can work their magic!

UPDATE 20th Jan

My laptop is dead. Sad times! Our computer techs have had it to pieces and the electronics are unrepairable.

On the upside they have resurrected my hard-drive!! YAY!! I am only 5 days behind on my work now not 3 years!!

Tea and electronics don’t mix. Lesson learnt!

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