Comic Con Crazy

As the marriage vows state, I need to support Steve in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer and from good times to geekier times etc etc or something like that. Which is why, like a good wifey, I am spending my day off following him around London Comic Con 2015. 

For those who don’t know Steve, he has many loves in his geek life but only second to Captain America is anything Back To The Future related and this year apparently is the year of something special so much of Comic Con was Delorian related. Steve heaven! 

We walked around for hours and hours and Steve was like a kid in a candy store. Eventually, he got to meet the Doctor (Christopher Lloyd) and have a photos with him and also have a photo in a Delorian. A few geeky purchases were made by both of us  (a hoodie for me, a few comics for Steve) and my highlight- a photo on the Gibson throne!   


 “Your writing cheques your body can’t cash!” (Top Gun) 

No restringing done today but hay-ho. I’ll have to catch up this weekend. 


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