Links Of London Sweetie Bracelet

I get these bracelets often for restringing so I thought I would share how I go about it…

  This is what I got to start with. This one had no charms on it but did have the split rings. As you can see, the original elastic was brown and discoloured. Not surprising that it had broken!

I started by sorting the pieces and picking out the feature loop, the one with the logo tag and 5 loops to space between them. The remaining loops I split into groups to evenly space the split rings and I think I ended with 12 loops then a split ring all the way around. 

 I use a 0.32inch clear elastic by beadalon which I double up so that the bracelet has two strands running through it.    

 I string on all the loops starting with the feature link. I use a paper clip to stop the beads falling off the end of the strand. Once the loops are on the elastic. I cut the elastic so that there are two separate strands running through the bracelet. 

I then knot each strand separately using the instructions on the back of the elastic reel.   Once the ends are trimmed. The bracelet is strung with two seperate elastic cords giving more security if one was to break. By knotting ajasent to the large feature bead the knot is hidden within the large bead.    

8 Replies to “Links Of London Sweetie Bracelet”

  1. I have 2 bracelets that need to be restrung I have tryed but I can’t do you know who does it ?


  2. Hi. I can restring it for you. Send me a message using the contact page and We can sort it out x Anna.


  3. Hi Anna,
    I need to have a links of london sweetie bracelet restrung – broken elastic but all links and parts are collected. I see I need to print a form, but I do not have a functioning printer at present. Can you help?


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