Crochet Blanket Number 2!

I hope that you don’t get bored of the odd non pearl related posts – especially since with a baby looming I have become increasingly homey and chrocheting lots of blankets seems to be a priority right now! 

This one is a true labour of love. I saw the technique on Pinterest (where else?!) and fell in love. It is a filet crochet blanket made from thin white 4ply cotton and a 3mm crochet hook. The pattern I used (but slightly modified) is called Teddy Bear Parade. 

I won’t lie, this blanket took FOREVER to finish but as I worked on it and the teddys started appearing I knew I had to work at it and get it done. I finished it with a simple ruffle border. 

I found the pattern here:

Find me on Ravelry here:

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