Crochet Sprouts! 

It’s the run up to Christmas, I am heavily pregnant, due any day and have realised that since moving from our 1 bed flat into our new house, we don’t have enough Christmas decorations to make our new home festive. There is no way I am braving the Christmas shoppers so there is only one thing for it! Make some! 

I love sprouts, and when I saw this pattern on Pinterest I knew that this years Christmas would be bedecked in sprouts. 

What do you think? Love of hate the veggie kind, you can’t help but be enchanted with these little guys! 

I used Hobbycraft women’s institute DK acrylic yarn and varied my hook size to get a variety of bigger and smaller sprouts. The eyes were just glued on. The wooden tree was also from hobbycraft. 

The free pattern can be found here:

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