Skittles Blanket: crochet blanket number 3!

Ok ok so you are probably bored of crochet blankets now and I apologise but this one is so bright and fun I just had to show you all! 

Unfortunately I can’t claim any credit for the design or colour choices for this one as it was a pattern and yarn pack that I bought from the designer, but I made each stitch with love and that must count for something! 

This one is called The Skittles Blanket and is by Felted Button. It is a pretty basic blanket with very easy stitches but the colour combos and the border really make it pop! The yarn is Scheepjes Colour Crafter and is lovely to work with. I have another project that I have lined up using the same yarn and similar colours and can’t wait to start 🙂

This is the biggest blanket that I have made and it did take an age to finish but I enjoyed every brightly coloured second of it! 

The border should have been wider and use all the colours but the blue was my favourite colour so I decided to end it on that. I hope you like it! 

The free pattern can be found here:

I bought the yarn pack from Wool Warehouse. 

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