Behind the scenes

I thought that I would take a few moments to share my craftroom with you all. 

For me, having a dedicated space to work is so important. I am the first to admit that I am pretty unorganised and messy at times. If I had to find stuff, get it out, clear the table to work on, do what I want to do, clear everything back up and tidy it away ready for tea, I honestly don’t think I would bother. The fact that I can dedicate my time to a project and pick it up and put it down when I have a spare few minutes is a godsend. My space, my mess. I can close the door and worry about it another time! 

I can’t take credit for the pegboard idea, I have Pinterest to thank for that, but it works brilliantly. All the craft bits and bobs that I use regularly are all within reach without me needing to fumble through drawers or have them cluttering up my desk. 

I bought the pegboard from my local hardware store, from memory it is about 8ft by 4ft in size and cost about £35. I painted it hot pink and mounted it on the wall above my desk. If you are going to try this, make sure you use spacers between the pegboard and wall to allow the hooks to fit in. 

The desk is from IKEA

The pegboard hooks are from  Amazon

The light box is also Amazon

The pastel yarn at the top is Rico and DROPS Paris 100% cotton from woolwarehouse. 

The ombré yarn is ice yarn fine cotton cakes. All the others that you can see are all womens institute from hobby craft.

The TOFT kit and the unicorn kit came with my simply crochet magazine subscription. 

Keeping all my pearl restringing silks and wires to hand saves me lots of time. Much of the kit I need when restringing is determined by size, I have maybe 15 different size silks, elastics and wires and being able to lay my hand on the right one quickly saves lots of time and also prevents the spoils unwinding so much and tangling together. 

And of course, having my crochet hooks to hand keeps the inspiration coming! 

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