Sophie’s Universe!

I am super excited to share the progress of my Sophie’s Universe Afghan. For those who have never heard of it, Sophie’s Universe is a beautiful crochet pattern designed by Dedri Uys. 

The design was originally published as a “crochet along”, which is when the designer releases a new part of the pattern online week by week and people all over the world make it together. A crochet along (or CAL) is a great way for people to unite and craft together and brilliant for beginners because you have the support of all the others doing the same design and struggling through the tough bits with you. 

Well I am a bit behind the times and totally missed the original release of this pattern in 2015, but lucky for me, the wonderful Dedri published all the parts together in a beautiful book so us latecomers can crochet along whenever the mood takes us! The great thing about this book is that it is a book! I don’t have to print out endless weekly patterns or squint at a computer screen – it is consolidated into a timeless instruction manual that I can use to make Sophie after Sophie until my hearts content! 

The book is split into 18 parts which were the original 18 weekly instalments and I will share my progress as I go.

I was a bit nervous about starting this project as I still consider myself a beginner when it comes to crochet but the book has so many detailed pictures, every stitch is explained and it is broken down row by row which means it fits nicely around nappy changes, bottle making and afternoon naps! If you are new to crochet but are looking to stretch yourself a bit, this is the pattern for you. I can’t wait to get to the end to see what it will look like but will probably have to then start another one in a different colourway so that I don’t get withdrawal symptoms! 

I loved every stitch in part 1. I love how the colours in the central flower work together and I love how quickly it worked up. It defiantly put me at ease and broke me in gently for the rest of the project! 

I won’t lie, part two was a little repetitive with the larger pink/purple petals but having never tried using back post stitches and joining rows to rows 2 or 3 rows back, I loved the texture coming out and how tactile the blanket is going to be! 

Part three was fun. I liked the bobble stitches and the raised petal outlines that were created. I got butterflies each time one came up, worried that my stitch count might me out and then a massive feeling of accomplishment when it worked out! I admit, I skipped the last row of this round which is the crab stitch round. I gave it a go but having never done the stitch before, I was so slow and too impatient to move on to the next part. Bring on part 4…

…To be continued…
The lovely book is available here

I am using the scheepjes colour crafter yarn pack also from here.

For more information on this gorgeous pattern, visit Dedri’s blog here.

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