One day…

I thought that I would share some of my favourite crochet patterns that are still in my revelry queue. If you don’t already have a ravelry account then you are seriously missing out! Ravelry is my go-to place for patterns and it handily allows you not only to buy and save patterns for items that you are working on, you can also queue a pattern and save it for a later date. You can build up a wish list of designs that you can start at the click of a button. I currently have 61 patterns in my queue, most of which I am sure I will never make, or maybe one day… 

  • The “I’ll make something just for me” item of clothing: This Rebel sweater is just the sort of sweater that I would buy. Maybe one day when I am more confident with tension I will give it a go. I can imagine me spending hours and hours making this and it then being too big or small 🙁 
  • The “I wasn’t brave enough at the time” cal. This Mandala Madness CAL was the first CAL that I had come across. I followed it religiously on Facebook and even printed off the first three parts but never had the guts to pick up a hook and start. 
  • The “I don’t wear shawls but if I did” shawl. This Lost in Time shawl popped up on my ravelry search the other day and wow! It’s gorgeous and autumnal and I really really want to make it. 
  • The “when he’s older” baby toy. The crochet dinosaur puzzle toy jumped out at me when I saw it, I immediately bought the book from Amazon. I have loads of cotton yarn in bright colours that would be perfect for this… I just need to finish a few wips… 
  • The “I have no idea what I would do with it but it looks so awesome” Afghan: I have no idea what I was searching for when this Cathedral Rose Window Afghan appeared but it is beautiful. It reminds me of the Rose window at my church and hope one day I get to make it. 
  • The novelty item: I follow the Boys and Bunting Instagram and when this  Jammy Dodger Biscuit came up I immediately saved it to my queue. I have no idea why but its so awesome!! 

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