Crochet Lamb by Vanessa Mooncie

I have to say that I’m not a regular crochet magazine reader, I would rather browse online and muse away a few hours on Pinterest or Ravelry. Typically 90% of the patterns published in magazines I probably would never make although I enjoy flicking through them every so often. The exception recently has been the Simply Crochet magazine which my sister subscribed me to for Christmas. It lands on my doormat each month, usually with a little free gift and I sit  with a drink and a sleeping baby and indulge in a little reading. A recent edition had an extra magazine with little Easter amigurumi makes and Gwendolyn the lamb caught my eye. 

The very talented designer is one I had come across before – Vanessa Mooncie. I first came accross her designs when Boys and Bunting made a trophy zebra head and published it on Instagram. It was SO amazing that I immediately ordered the book on Amazon. The mistake I probably made was to go big for my first attempt and failed miserably at making the bear head. I could not get my head around the shaping of the neck and gave up. Being able to make this little lamb has now given me the confidence to get the book out and try again. Yay! 

Anyway. Gwendolyn. This little cutie was a fun little make and didn’t take too many evenings to get her together. The shaping of the neck was easy to follow and the bobbles  were fun to see coming together. I used Rico baby cotton in pastel pink, silver and nougat and a 3mm and a 2.5mm hook. I had forgotten how rough cotton is to work with, especially with a small hook and my fingers ached at the end but she was worth it. I hope you like her! 

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