Cabbage Patch Crochet Wigs

How cute are these little wigs!! 

I was asked to make one for a friend which turned into me getting asked to make more and more! They are so easy to make and loads of fun too! 

I should have taken photos as I went along but it really is very easy! 

I started by making a beanie using half double crochet (us) until it was almost big enough. I then did half a round of loop stitches (this video is great at teaching the loop stitch) and half a round of half double crochet again. I repeated this round 4 times. The loop stitches are based on single crochet and the half doubles are slightly taller. This gives a little more back to the hat and gives a more realistic hairline. The loops will be on the inside so you need to turn your hat inside out for the fringe to show. 

For the hair I cut loads and loads of long strands of yarn. I folded each one in half and looped and secured each strand around the hairline and each side of the parting in the centre. Gather the strands into pigtails when you have been around the edges once. You may find that it looks a bit thin and you need to add more to hide the beanie underneath. 

You can finish the pigtails with plaits and ribbons or leave them long. 

My little boy was my reluctant model for both of these. Clearly he preferred the brunette to the blonde! 

The brown wig was made using a stash yarn with no label, but the blond was made using Hobbycraft Soft and Silky which was lovely to use. I used a whole 100g ball for this as I wanted long thick hair!

I have also made this by request in an adult size. The method is exactly the same but starting with a bigger beanie. I used 200g of yarn for the bigger one. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo. 

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