Mystical Lanterns Blanket

My Grandma had been wanting a throw for her newly decorated bedroom but was struggling to find a green one that she liked that was modern enough to fit in with her theme. A little scroll through ravelry and I found the Mystical Lanterns Blanket by Jane Crowfoot. It was a pattern that I had seen before and had wanted to hook. The colours in the designers colourway were rich and bold, totally up my street, but not what I was looking for. I started digging around a bit further and found this colourway by PerPuntino which made the blanket look totally different and modern – I couldn’t believe that this was the same design. Decision made. I would make this pattern in solid lantern shaped grannies but in shades of green with a silver/grey final round and join. 

My yarn arrived mid March. I had chosen the following colours from Stylecraft Special DK. Sage, Bottle, Meadow, Cypress and Clematis to brighten it up. My joining colour is silver. The motifs were really simple to learn and after only 2 or 3 I was able to make them up without referring to the pattern. I hooked the first three rounds following the pattern using slip stitches to get to the starting point of each new round. This saved me loads of time having to join a new colour and meant I had loads less ends to weave in. I did find that the motifs curled up when hooked so improvised a blocking board to stretch them all out to the same size ready for a final round and joining later. 

One week in and I had 30 motifs. 2 weeks in I had 44 (I’d had some time off for Mothering Sunday weekend as my grandma was visiting so it needed hiding). 

After playing around with the colours, I decided that I didn’t like the colours in a uniform pattern so I used a granny square random pattern generator to map out where each colour should go. This was my final design which I tweaked slightly as I went. 

After my flying start I got a bit busy/lazy and dropped behind a bit. Luckily my mum stepped in and offered to sew in my ends to save me time 🙂 yay. 

116 full motifs and 10 half motifs. 

It’s not as wide as I would have liked and if I had another couple of weeks I would have made it wider but this will fit over the end of her bed nicely. 

I should also mention how awesome I think the back of the blanket turned out. It is just a double crochet (uk) joining through both stitches when the pieces are right sides together. 

It’s is a lovely pattern to hook and one day I hope to make one multicoloured like the pattern suggests – I will definitely need help sewing in the ends then!! 

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