The Best Precision Snips

For my restringing I need a pair of very sharp precise snips to cut the final strands of silk flush to the pearls so that no loose threads show. 

I have used various embroidery snips in the past which are fine for a while but not great. Then a few years ago I treated myself to some Xuron 440 high precision scissors on the recommendation of a fellow beader. These have super sharp small blades that fit right in against my pearls and the chunky rubber handles are so much nicer to use than the little metal snips. 

I have used these snips daily and been so impressed with them, but recently noticed that they weren’t as sharp as they used to be and getting that precise cut was taking two or more goes. They are a number of years old but rather than throw them out I emailed Xuron asking if they offered a sharpening service – I was happy to pay to get them back to how they used to be – I got an immediate reply saying that they would send a replacement pair out to me free of charge!! I turns out that not only do Xuron make awesome tools, they guarantee them for the life of the product!! 

All Xuron® brand products are covered by our factory warranty. 

We will repair or replace any item that fails due to a defect in material and/or workmanship for the life of the product providing it has been used as recommended.

How awesome is that!!! 

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