Bobble Stitch Bunting – Free Pattern

I wanted to make some quick bunting and after trying single crochet, double crochet and considered something fancy like a shell stitch with letters sewn on after, I finally settled on a simple bobble stitch with a colour change for the letters. 

It was pretty simple and after a little trial and error I settled on a bobble count that made the triangular shape I wanted and had enough bobbles to make up any letter. 

I cannot write patterns but I will try to explain best I can how many stitches per row etc

I turned after each row, chaining 2 as a turning chain. This resulted in the bobbles on the front of the off rows and the back of the even rows. I didn’t mind this but you may want to slip stitch back across between rows to get all the bobbles popping forwards. 

On the rows with an increase I added the additional bobbles by putting two bobbles  in the first and last bobble (apart from row 5 where I only increased on the first bobble to get an odd number of bobbles)

Row 1: 1 bobble. 

Row 2: 2 bobbles

Row 3: 4 bobbles

Row 4: 6 bobbles

Row 5: 7 bobbles. (Start forming the letter in this row)

Row 6: 7 bobbles. 

Row 7: 9 bobbles. 

Row 8: 9 bobbles. 

Row 9: 11 bobbles. 

Row 10: 11 bobbles. 

Row 11: 13 bobbles. (Finish you letter in this row)

Row 12: 13 bobbles. 

The middle 5 bobbles on rows 5 to 11 are where you will do your colour changes to form your letters. I carried the letter colour and crocheted over it as I went so that I only had 4 ends to weave in for each bunting. 

To make the letters I just googled “pixel alphabet”. I can’t seem to find the exact one I used but as long as the letter is 5×7 pixels then it will work. This one would work. 

For the vine to hang the bunting on I simply chained a long green foundation chain about twice as long as I needed and came back along the chain but only single crocheting (UK double) in every other stitch. This made the chain curl. I attached it at intervals along the bunting and used it to join each triangle at the corners. 

I freehand crocheted the flowers and leaves but any flower would work. 

I used Scheepjes colour crater DK yarn. 

Happy stitching. 

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