Links of London Sweetie Bracelets

I am getting a number of messages asking me whether I still repair Links of London Sweetie bracelets since they went into administration towards the end of 2019.

The short answer is YES!

I wrote a post about repairing elastic bracelets, specifically the sweetie bracelet about 5 years ago so it is about time that I readdressed it.

Elastic bracelets are always prone to breaking but thankfully they are easily repairable and can be back on your wrist before you know it.

I charge £14.00 + £8 (special delivery) post and package.

Simply print off this A4 repair form page, read and complete it and pop it with your repair in suitable packaging. If you send me a message here: I will give you the postal details to get the item to me safely.

Any problems, let me know.

Anna xx


4 Replies to “Links of London Sweetie Bracelets”

  1. Hello are you still restringing links of London bracelets?
    I have one in pieces.


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