Signs That Your Item Needs Repair

Every time you wear your beads and pearls, before you put them on, just take a moment to look for a few warning signs that mean it is time for a spot of maintenance.

1) Green gimp.
Gimp is the protective coil around the thread that help protect the thread as it moves and rubs against the clasp. This will wear overtime and can allow the thread to fray and eventually break. It becomes green when the metal comes in contact with sweat or perfume. This is the weakest point in your necklace so keep a close eye on it.


2) Brown thread.
Brown knots and thread mean that the silk is dirty, oily and weak. Not only does it look unattractive but the strength of the necklace is compromised. It needs cleaning and restringing sharpish!


3) Big gaps between each bead. When the bead can slide and move around between its knots then it is time to rethread. Not only does it make the strand look untidy, each bead moving will add extra wear to the strand making it weaker. The less thread that is exposed and the less the pearls can move the better.

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