My Jobs for Today

I have been so busy in the last few days that I have let my work build up a bit which isn’t usually how I like to work. Luckily I have a spare afternoon so I can grab a green tea, get some music on and get knotting for a few hours. (Today I am listening to the debut album from Hozier – I love it – especially the track Take Me To Church)

My first job for today is this simulated pearl necklace and as I opened the repair packet I could smell perfume. As expected, the thread and knots, especially around the back of the necklace (the bit that touches you skin) is brown and greasy – I am not surprised that it broke. Good job the beads were knotted or else they would have been everywhere! It wont take too long to get these looking as good as new!

Next up was this beautiful graduated cultured pearl necklace. It is traditional for graduated pearls to be strung without knots because it shows off the graduation better. Luckily, this one had broken next to the clasp so the pearls were all still in one piece. The last thing I wanted was to have to re-graduate the pearls again! I have restrung it with just 4 knots at each side of the clasp, this is always the weakest point and it leaves the rest looking their best.


My last job is a small cultured pearl bracelet which has stretched. When you can see thread between the pearls (aside from the knots) and the pearls can slide up and down then you know it is time for a restring!


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